Residential Solar Installation in El Paso, Dallas, and Houston

Take advantage of federal, and utility solar incentives as a homeowner in El Paso, Dallas, and Houston, Texas

Cut your homes electric bill in half with solar energy in el paso, Texas

Understand your solar system



Our team of professional installers will mount your solar system on top of your roof and preform all the necessary quality checks and permitting.


Energy From The Sun

Your solar system will then receive the energy from the sun instead of your house receiving it from your energy provider.


Convert Energy

The solar panel system will absorb the suns energy and the inverter will convert the energy into electric energy..


Power Your Home

Electric energy will travel through the panel to power your home and all of its appliances.

Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Panels With Inex Power in El Paso, Texas

Inex Power is the go to solution for solar panel installation in El Paso, Texas. Helping homeowners take control of their energy bill and save money.

Roof Replacement

Replace your roof for $0 out of pocket and get a new solar system on top. Regardless of its age.

Windows & Doors

Need new windows or doors? To improve the look of your home or lower your energy consumption. Get a new set today.

HVAC System

Replace you A/C system with a brand new and take control of your heating, cooling, and electricity bill.


Upgrade your property with our expertly crafted landscaping solutions. Choose from a variety of stylish designs and materials to elevate security and add a touch of elegance.

Frequently asked questions

What warranties does your company offer for home owners?
"Our company takes pride in offering high-quality solar energy systems that are built to last. We install panels that come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty through Hyundai, which covers any defects in the panels themselves. Additionally to this, we offer workmanship’s warranties as well premium insurance to cover your system and home. Inex Power also offers ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your solar system continues to perform at its best. With our comprehensive warranties and exceptional customer service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you've made a sound investment in solar energy."
How quickly can you install?
"Our company takes pride in offering fast and efficient solar system installations. We typically complete installations within one to two weeks from the date of contract signing in most of our markets. Our experienced team of professionals works closely with clients to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process. We understand that every client's needs are unique, and we strive to provide personalized service that meets each client's specific needs and preferences. With our quick and efficient installation process, you can start enjoying the benefits of solar energy in no time!"
Will I have two bills?
"Every utility’s Net Metering programs work differently and some do have a minimum surcharge for the customers with Solar. Although your utility might charge a minimum consumption charge from their end, our goal installing a solar system is to give such reduction or even eliminate your utility consumption cost that even with a minimum charge, you are paying less overall than what you currently may be paying with your utility.We accomplish a lot of this through the credits also being generated by your solar system in the buyback program you are offered with the net meter program for your market!”
Are there government incentives for going Solar?
“There is indeed! The government is currently incentivizing homeowners to go solar by offering the Federal ITC (Institutional Tax Credit) for any Renewable Energy Systems installed in homes, this inclusive to Solar, offering a 30% tax credit towards your tax filling.Meaning, if you’re system cost was of $50,000 you will receive a $15,000 tax credit when you file your taxes.This is in place until 2035 when Congress will either extend this renewable energy tax incentive or discontinue this bill for future homeowner purchases of solar, wind and biomass renewable energy.”
What are the upfront costs of getting Solar?
“Our systems are offered at $0 down with no installation fees. We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy without having to worry about upfront costs. Our energy consultants will work with you to find the financing option and program that best fits your budget based off your household consumption.
What is needed to qualify for a zero out-of-pocket solar program?
“Qualifying for a zero out-of-pocket solar program isn’t as hard one might imagine.Some of the most basic requirements to be eligible for these programs is to be a homeowner of the property you are trying to put solar in, or have the homeowner on the application for the solar financing.Secondly, having the roof of the property in healthy conditions is also a requirement considering we offer our workmanship warranties on top of our penetration warranties, we have to make sure the roof is in conditions that will allow us to be able to offer and honor these warranties for years to come.And lastly, but most importantly, that your credit score is in a healthy state, a big determinant of this is that your credit is above a 650 score, on-time payments on the home’s mortgage and credit history have a lot to do with approval probabilities.We encourage everyone that is interested in knowing if their home and/or themselves are eligible, to fill out our form here below to get a full evaluation and quote for their home. We’d love to answer any questions!”
Are you hiring?
"Yes, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. We provide some of the best training resources, leadership, and fastest installations in the solar industry. Inex offers our team members excellent opportunities to grow and advance their careers within the industry. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality solar energy systems. If you're passionate about renewable energy and committed to making a positive impact on the environment, we encourage you to apply to join our team by going to our “careers” section on our page.”

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