Our Solar Process

Take advantage of state, federal, and utility solar incentives as a homeowner in El Paso, Texas

A smooth process for a big difference


Free Energy Audit

Our energy consultants will do a deep dive to understand your energy needs and goals as a homeowner. A the same time checking your eligibility for state, federal, and utility incentives.



We will present you with your options and assist you in selecting the one that best satisfies your need for electricity, your financial situation, and your aesthetic preferences.


Solar Panel Installation

Once you've made your decision regarding your solar system, we handle every aspect of it, starting with design, engineering, permits, procurement, and installation, as well as inspection and utility hookup.


Solar Panel System Activation

Following installation, we'll set you up with access to your inverter's application so you can monitor and access your solar system's output on both your desktop and mobile devices.

What our customers say

Real People, Real Results

“At Inex Power we specialize in putting the power back in the hands of our clients. We do this by giving our homeowners the choice not just in how they receive their power but by the options we provide to bring more value to their homes”

Cassandra A.Tinoco

Director of Operations
“I love how quick and clean this install was. The Inex Power team was extremely helpful my entire process!”

M. Ramos

“Inex Power has become a trusted partner that has sent us and revived a great amount of business with their marketing strategies and telecommunications team.”

Roberto Rodriguez

Roofing Partner

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